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Pictures Karosserie Hebmüller Treffen 2014

Pictures Karosserie Hebmüller Treffen 2014

On 23th of August 2014, we visited the 'Karosserie Hebmüller Treffen 2014' and witnessed a stunning  line-up of 21 VW Type 14A’s, also known as ‘Hebmüller cabriolets’, in front of the former factory buildings of Karosserie Hebmüller at Wülfrath, Germany. The result was a great day with fellow enthousiasts and an once in a lifetime shot, which is in fact a remake of a very famous archive picture from the 50s where all VW Type 14A's are lined uf infront of the factory.

Although the company planned to produce many more Type 14A's back in the early 50ies, only 696 vehicles were actually completed. The Hebmüller factory closed for good in 1953 after it had been forced into bankruptcy, a result of financial difficulties after a disastrous fire in 1949, the first year of production. Around 100 cars are still known to exist.

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