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Pictures: Brighton Breeze 2015

On the morning of October 1st, 2015 we started our journey to Brighton Breeze in the UK. All went well besides our rear brakes... We came to the conclusion that they got really, really hot at some point. We stranded in Ashford where lucky we found out Doug King runs a VW garage called OG Buswerks and man he helped us out like a gent so we could continue the trip! THANKS for all Doug! We are happy that Justin likes traveling as much as we do all went superb and he loved and enjoyed every minute of it! Once we arrived we hooked up with the Grabijn Family, visited the Brighton Pier, did some sight seeing in the centre, grabbed lunch in one of the small streets next to the sea line and found some cool shops on the North Line. Great fun! At the Racecourse my buddy Paul Wisk checked my brakes again, now fixed and double checked. After having diner there we called it a night.

October 3rd, time for the show and what a great day we had at Brighton Breeze! Many many aircooled VWs on the boulevard (about 800!!), the best weather we could ask for and a great bunch of people! I even got a little sunburn! Justin and my girl loved every minute of it. And our friends Pieter and Janie Grabijn even won 'Best of Show' with their beautiful 1955 Westy! To end the day we grabbed some pizza to eat in the van and enjoyed the party with live music and the kids had a laugh. Next day was an early start again to make it to the ferry in time and travel back to NL again which all went well!
Thanks everyone for an awesome weekend, see you again in 2016!


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